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I’m always writing something be it blog posts, guest blog posts, stories, articles and plays.

My monologue ‘Life Sentence’ was selected for the New London Monologues by Sydenham Arts Festival March 2015. Directed by Amelia Lowdell with Emily Hillier as Karen.

Short play ‘Swans’ at The Cockpit, March 2015. Directed by Jo Greaves and with Julie Ross and Sukh Kaur Olja as Grace and Louise.











My short play Alice Springs was performed by Open Page at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden from 18th November to 7th December 2014. poster

‘A script which sparkles with sharp satire and some killer one-liners.’ London Culture Show Blog

‘A hilarious comedy about the dangers of sharing too much on Facebook.’ UK Theatre Network

‘Writer Sian Rowland clearly has a very good ear for naturalistic dialogue.’ So So Gay Stage

‘Executed with plenty of humour’ View From The Gods

‘A very relevant comment on the way social media is so prevalent in today’s Western lifestyles.’ Remote Goat

‘There’s a lot to enjoy.’ Everything Theatre


Alice Springs was also performed at Blackshaw
Theatre’s new writing night at the Horse and Stables near Waterloo. Blackshaw run new writing nights every two months and they’re great fun.











In 2013 my first play Scribblers was performed by Attic Theatre at Wimbledon Theatre Studio. You can read more in these blogs posts ‘Help I seem to have written a play part 1’ and ‘Help I seem to written a play part 2’

Scribblers, Directed by Jen Bakst

Scribblers, Directed by Jen Bakst


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