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  1. A meeting with Linked In Skills Squad

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    December 2, 2015 by Sian Rowland

    Being a freelancer means that you sometimes get thrown into situations that can be uncomfortable, challenging or downright nerve-wracking and …
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  2. Mixing business with pleasure


    June 1, 2015 by Sian Rowland

    I love it two different sides of my life come together and when I can use my professional skills in …
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  3. Five things about freelancing I learnt from actors


    January 28, 2015 by Sian Rowland

    Until a couple of year ago I didn’t know any actors. Actors were mysterious beings who graced stage and screen and …
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  4. Ten reasons not to go freelance


    August 30, 2012 by Sian Rowland

    It’s not all daytime TV and coffee breaks in the freelance world. Here are my top ten reasons to stick …
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