Four years a freelancer


March 30, 2015 by Sian Rowland

Tomorrow will be the four year anniversary of losing my job as a local authority education consultant. I can hardly believe it’s four years and reading back on my old blog I Was a Public Sector Worker it also seems a lifetime away.

To mark the passage of the years I’m reposting the thoughts I had a few weeks after leaving my old life behind and stepping into the unknown. It’s also a reminder that after five years of coalition government, the cuts are still biting deep across all sectors and that jobs, support and help are still being removed on a daily basis.

‘My final day at work was strange indeed. It began with me struggling to put a large pot plant in my car which was parked outside the training rooms of the professional development centre. As the wind slammed my car door shut for the third time I let out a loud expletive (rhymes with luck) only to realise that the window was open and an entire room of people was staring at me, mouths open. Bad enough but then I realised the room was full of the most senior leaders in the council receiving their CRaPP training. Oops.

I left at noon, arms full of pen pots, folders and spare jackets (the office was always icy in winter). A colleague and I left together for moral support and said goodbye cheerfully to everyone. I had a box of chocs for the dinner ladies so popped down to the canteen to say goodbye and….burst into tears in the middle of the canteen. I was folded into the not insubstantial bosom of the head dinner lady much to the bewilderment of the diners.

The dinner ladies: the ones who think liver pâté is vegetarian, who incinerate toasted sandwiches and whose baked potatoes taste like old army boots. I have no idea why I ended up clutched to a lady in a tabard, a box of crushed Quality Street melting between us.

Minutes after leaving the office, my pass card was deactivated. By 9am the day after, my e-mail account was deactivated so that out of office message disappeared and my P45 had arrived. Efficiency that I had never experienced in all my time with the council. I had been well and truly deleted like one of those Egyptian Pharaohs whose face is chipped off their statues when they die.

Fast forward a few weeks and schools are back and most of the bank holidays have passed. I’ve been meeting with colleagues and planning and drumming up business. Schools are quite rightly cautious at the moment because of their budget concerns but there is small, fine trickle of interest there.

It’s a brave new world out there and it’s time I stopped yearning after my job and started looking forward.’


2 thoughts on “Four years a freelancer

  1. Tim says:

    Blimey, has it really been FOUR years already, Sian? It seems like much less but equally you must also look back and be proud of how far you’ve come since then …

  2. Sian Rowland says:

    I know, frightening isn’t it? Feel like I’m still finding my feet but I think the process is ever-changing. Thanks for your continuing kind words and support over the years.

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