Goodbye 2013


January 1, 2014 by Sian Rowland

At the end of each month in 2013 I wrote a list of things I had accomplished. Some were small and some not so small but I really enjoyed looking back on and celebrating even the little things. There weren’t any fancy holidays or new lands conquered but I think I’ve done ok. I’ll be repeating the exercise this year but as a recap this is what happened in 2013…

I wrote a writing planner for the year, a comedy play, blog posts, guest blog posts, rap lyrics, a radio comedy, revised book chapters, book synopsis and covering letter, a comic piece based on a Daily Mail story, a business plan, six submissions to agents, lots of Twitter and Facebook posts, a wall planner, lesson plans, teachers guides, activity cards, marketing leaflets and flyers.

Hanging out with my nephews.

Hanging out with my nephews.

I sang at the 02 arena, Liverpool Echo Arena, Abbey Road Studios, the Royal Albert Hall, Festival Hall, Clapham Common, Wembley Stadium, Crystal Palace, in shopping centres and for the Battersea cats, the WI, various charities and at least one mayor, with a karaoke machine and with a live band.

Outside Abbey Road

Outside Abbey Road

I visited museums I had never been to before including Sir John Soane’s, Handel’s and Docklands, new cities, a writing retreat, various radio recordings, friends and family across the country, the school/ home where my dad spent some happy times, the endocrinologist and immunologist, a Loco comedy event, an actors’ showcase, business network meetings, St Paul’s cathedral for a school service and theatre events.

I learnt how to do a tax self-assessment, swing dance basics, market my business, line dance, write a tv and radio script, set up a group Facebook page, edit my work, sell stuff on ebay, get to grips with my new phone, use Mailchimp, what table readings and rehearsed readings are, that people who offer to help don’t always keep their promises, take charge of my meds rather than the other way round, the way you have to have your passport photos done now is very unflattering and that adults can get scarlet fever.

Writing a business plan in Wales.

Writing a business plan in Wales.

I met the fabulous Caroline Smailes at her book launch, the rather attractive Aljaz from Strictly backstage at a show, the talented Harry Venning writer of Clare in the Community, a bunch of fab actors and real and virtual friends new and old.

I hung out in a recording studio, at writing group, at a makeup expo where a friend was giving a demo, at a video shoot, at a beer launch, with the cast of a West End show, with my choir friends a lot, professional actors and directors, at the Savoy drinking cocktails, at City Hall, with teachers, students and colleagues past and present.

At the beer launch. It's *hic* very good.

At the beer launch. It’s *hic* very good.

I did work for big companies and new schools, two new training organisations, for the Co-operative and John Lewis (via an agency), and wrote bids that I won and bids I didn’t.

I saw The Specials, Madness, Temperance Movement, Justin Currie, Gogol Bordello, my friend’s first few gigs, lots of local bands.

I also took part in a Zumba flashmob and a charity zumbathon, did a charity walk, went on a work retreat in Wales, saw the John Lewis Christmas ad before anyone else, won an award for a lesson plan from the Forestry Stewardship Commission, managed to stay married for ten years, helped my husband plan some guided walks for children, had eleven blood tests (I counted), gave a short term home to a friend in need, partied hard, remembered my manners, took risks.

Now for 2014.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013

  1. Tracey House says:


  2. Tim says:

    Wow! What a busy year! Now how are you going to top that in 2014?

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